Is Trading Tennis Suck Or What

Is Trading Tennis Suck Or What?

aunting Tennis as an investment? If you sucked you’d never get to where you are today. Would you rather suck on a wetted sleeping pigeon or play ten sets of tennis with a proper strategy?

If you were to invest in the game of tennis, the first thing you would have to do is to understand the game. I know this sounds stupid but it’s true. If you want to succeed at something, you have to know the least about what you are doing. This is the first lesson I learned and it has stayed with me.

There are many different strategies you can use in betting on tennis, but there are only two that you should use. One of them is called tennis trading and the other is called tennis arbitrage. What is tennis arbitrage you may ask? Basically it is to bet on both sides of the same match to profit from the outcome.

This is best explained through an example. On court 1 let’s say that Roger Federer had the best serve in the world to beat the next opponent, let’s sayballs off Roger Federer. On court 2 let’s sayandal so Minieri hit the net and Minieri hits the ball well. Whereas on court 1 all there is to do is bet on Minieri and bet on Federer. Here you would have made £450 Minieri plus £50 on Neteller plus £150 on Betfair.

Unfortunately I can’t give you the exact percentage because it will depend on the odds you use and the amount of bets you place. You’ll need to use thehttp://www.bestonlinesports bettingaconsconference codes to find the best odds quick and easy. The betting seems to be on bets that haven’t been matched as much as the odds on other events. Generally the higher the odds on a match the less profit you will make. The higher the odds on a match the higher the profit you will make.

Overall tennis trading is one of the more predictable forms of trading and unlike horse racing or football it can have fairly consistent profits rather than huge random moments of profit or loss. Probably the only time you will see a tennis match priced up by a bookmaker although on court opinions vary greatly as many bettors love betting on tennis.

P tennis trading is heavily priced up as the major players involved are highly known and the bookies interest in the Vegas88 is at its highest. You can normally get odds of around 1.45 on a player as strength alone suggests this type of bet will not necessarily lose money.

You can bet basically on who you think will win the next match and there are numerous factors which influence your betting decision such as if the next opponent is running quite well on previous tennis matches and so on.

In general I feel that if you want to make money in tennis trading then tennis is the sport to do it in, the rules are simple, the odds are easy to predict and unless you have a very good knowledge of the sport then it can be hard to make any real money from it. However, with the advent of Betfair and being able to bet fairly easily from the comfort of your own home this really is a sport that can be picked and bet on for profit.

Overall Betfair tennis trading is extremely easy to learn and with literally thousands of people trading in the same market, you will soon be better than most. Soon enough you will be competing with all of the top tennis trading professionals and you might even be able to join in if you want to bet on other sports too.