Roulette Strategies & Tips For Smart Players

Roulette Strategies & Tips For Smart Players

Roulette Strategies & Tips For Smart Players Č Gamblers are always looking for better roulette strategies & tips to gives them better chances of winning more money. Unfortunately, the toughest enemy you face when you are playing in a casino is the loss of money, especially if you are betting with real money. But, if you are looking for some ways to win at roulette, then I strongly recommend you continue reading this article.

There are many different roulette systems you can look at, but you need to choose a system that works comfortably and the one that will profit. Learn more about the different betting systems in this article:

  1. Learn There are two general betting systems in roulette, the En Prison rule and the La Partage rule. Wait for 2 even money results before betting, then place your bets on the pockets that have not yet been mentioned. With the En Prison rule, if the ball lands on the zero once out of the five the rule then the player automatically loses half of his bets, and returns the other half to the dealer. This helps to build better chances of winning and creates less hassle that you have to explain to your dealer how you want your winnings split up among the several players.
  2. Learn How to Win at Roulette requires you to place your bets on pockets that have just been mentioned and not necessarily where you expect to win. It is often more effective and gives you a more reasonable chance of winning a pocket than if you place your bets in a single number group.

The third most important rule in smart roulette player strategy & betting tactics is to not bet on pocket results that have less than 36 numbers. You can’t really predict how pocket numbers will turn out, but the fewer the number group in your roulette strategy & betting tactics, the better your chances of winning big are.

The best betting tactic in the game of roulette is simpler than the second. Do not bet on two numbers beside each other, but instead bet on two adjacent numbers. A lot of players make this common cause, but if you want to increase your chances of winning a roulette wheel keeps spinning.

Smart DewaGG players always advice to set a budget for the day, and then stick to it. Roulette, when played with real money is a game of chance and luck. Do not ever try to chase that lost money by placing bets on seemingly sure things.

You can never know what the next spin will be unless you do it, but if you spend your money on attractive betting opportunities that provide a high risk/reward ratio, you will lose more than you can win. Spending your money on just one roulette spin, as well as paying little attention to the other opportunities, is sure to make you a quicker & more obvious roulette loser.

There are a number of different downloadable roulette strategies available on the internet, though as noted above many of them are only aware of a win/loss percentage of 30-40% and so fail to consider future spins or betting opportunities. No strategy is foolproof, as if the ball has a 20% chance of landing on red 20 times in a row, there is a 0 chance in 18 of getting back your money. The idea being that if you had set a budget on the roulette table you would have nothing to lose.

The thing that really forced me to learn more about the game was when I discovered a guy named Emerick Fey who had been making a living from the house profits of roulette. Fey had reverse engineered a Baccarat strategy card that had been used by the professionals for several years. He had found a way to make profits from the house in pure statistical mathematics. Fey had also written several books on how to beat the game on its own, and they are still very popular today.

After discovering how to win at roulette, the next goal was to figure out how to bet smart. Since roulette is a game of luck, and no strategy can guarantee a sure win, piece by piece we can build our own strategies that will help improve our odds, while making the game a little more predictable.

The first piece of advice is to learn the game of roulette. You have no excuse at this point to not know the rules and have a working strategy to apply. It is amazing how many people play with so little knowledge of the game. The next tip is to copy what the professionals do, and bet the house on the spin of a wheel. A friend of mine occasionally wins enough on roulette to take his family out for a nice meal and a movie. This is one of the best examples of a roulette method, but it is an example of how you can win so much at the same time. Roulette systems only get you so far. The thing is roulette is a game of pure probability, which means there is no way to know where the ball will go.